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How will you go Further On your faith journey this lent?

Join a Parish Small Group!

Many of our parishes, in their efforts to help everyone in our Diocese come to know Jesus more personally through their relationships with one another, are offering small groups this Lent.  Click the links to see them!


St. Pius X (Urbandale) (scroll down just a bit)

All Saints (Des Moines)

St. Francis (West Des Moines) (scroll down to the bottom)

Sacred Heart (West Des Moines) (link broken, coming soon)

Christ the King (Des Moines)


Don't see your parish listed?  Let me know and I'll fix it!


Is your parish not able to offer Small Groups this Lent?  Sign-up for one of these!

Our parishes do great work, but they can't do EVERYTHING.  While some are able to offer small groups through their ministries, others are not.  To help out, starting the week of Ash Wednesday (February 14th), the Diocese is offering a number of options for small group community and Lenten learning.  There are both women's and men's groups, and we are offering your choice of three different options.  Sign up here today!




Fr. Mike Schmitz is a priest with the Diocese of Duluth in Minnesota, where serves as the Director of Youth & Young Adult Ministry, as well as the Director of the Newman Center at the University of Minnesota at Duluth.  He creates wildly popular YouTube videos with Ascension Presents ministries, and has delivered a number of homilies that have been turned into small group studies.  





This Lent, we will be offering small groups that focus on two of his more recent homilies (now podcasts):


Give Me a Sign: This series is dedicated to disclosing a deeper grasp of God's love in action through His covenants, as it explores the connections between the Old and New Testaments, as well as how this helps us more fully engage with God's Sacraments today.


It's Nothing Personal: This series is dedicated to helping it's participants grow deeper in their understanding of what it means to be in a personal relationship with Jesus Christ (something many people aren't sure is even possible!)


Matthew Kelly is the founder of The Dynamic Catholic Institute, a Cincinnati-based nonprofit organization, whose mission is to re-energize the Catholic Church in America by developing world-class resources that inspire people to rediscover the genius of Catholicism.


This Lent, we will be offering small groups that read through his "Rediscover Jesus", a book laid out in 40 chapters (each 2-3 pages long, for each day of Lent).  The book will be provided free of charge to the members of groups who choose to use it.





Sign up for a Young Adult Lenten Small Group here!


Leaders of the 2018 Young Adult Lenten Small Groups have already been hard at work getting things ready for you!  Sign up today!