Discover the Difference: From Cradle to College

by Diocese of Des Moines | September 17, 2020

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One Campus - All Ages

From the first days of childcare through high school graduation, Saint Albert Catholic School prepares its students for the world through spiritual guidance and superior education in a caring, disciplined environment. null

Early Childhood (6 weeks - 4-years-old)

Recognizing that the earliest years of a child’s life are some of the most formative, children should have access to high-quality educational opportunities as early as possible. The academic journey begins with an early childhood education program that provides faith-based socio-emotional learning opportunities for children 6 weeks - 4 years of age.

Elementary (grades K-5)

As children enter the elementary school, they encounter a caring faculty who create a personal, supportive atmosphere where all students can achieve their full potential. 

Middle School (grades 6-8)

Middle school students benefit from traditional academics coupled with enrichment opportunities, electives and extracurricular activities. They are also in the unique position of serving as mentors to younger children, while discovering leadership from their high school peers.

High School (grades 9-12)

During the final stage of the cradle to college journey, high school students experience individualized instruction based on each student’s goals and vision for success including access to a variety of college credit courses.

"One of the best things about Saint Albert is that our kids have had the opportunity null to develop lifelong friendships since infancy," shared current parents and Saint Albert Alumni Chad ('02) and Lyndsey ('04) Hannan. "The fact that the campus is cradle to college introduces our children to excellent role models that shows them what they can achieve if they work hard."

Benefits of the Cradle to College Model

"A cradle to college institution provides uninterrupted support for our students' development academically and spiritually," noted Angie Whitfield, Director of Academics. "This continuum grants evaluation of programming at every level, which is rooted in consistent data analysis for each student year after year. This consistency allows for fluid refining and improvement of the education process to truly provide individualized instruction at every grade."

As part of a cradle to college campus, Saint Albert students experience:

  • Access to more opportunities. Elementary students begin to explorenull extracurricular opportunities and are encouraged to participate in recreational school teams.  Older elementary students and middle school students have the opportunity to develop foundational athletic skills through the Parochial Athletic League (PAL). High School students have access to more than 20 clubs and activities, including 10 different athletic programs.
  • Exposure to students of all ages.  Older students hone their leadership skills by partnering with their younger peers and discover the ways in which they can model core values and positive behavior for their fellow students. Younger students benefit from these interactions and get a sense of what lies ahead in their academic journey. These interactions can take shape in the form of reading buddies, sitting together at Mass, and participating in school activities together.
  • Reduced transition anxiety during formative years. School transitions can be stressful and a source of anxiety for children. At Saint Albert Catholic School children develop a familiarity with the campus that helps to reduce anxiety as they move from one stage of their academic experience to another. Students see familiar faces and places as they journey from daycare all the way through high school graduation.
  • Community. Perhaps the greatest benefit of the cradle to college academic model is the sense of community is fosters. Early on, families are welcomed into a warm, supportive community that promotes trust and collaboration among teachers, students, and parents.  In turn, students experience a sense of belonging that helps students feel more secure, allowing them to focus on their education. 

Profile of a Graduate

As the only birth-12th grade Catholic school system in the Midwest, Saint Albert Catholic School aims to instill the values of faith, academics, community and service in each of its students.

Graduates of Saint Albert School are equipped academically, spiritually, socially and physically to serve God by:

  • Trusting God and embracing the journey of Christian discipleship.
  • Seeking to be a proud ambassador of his or her faith in school and the greater community.
  • Pursuing knowledge, truth and wisdom.
  • Shaping society through dynamic critical thinking, creative solutions and effective communication.
  • Leading with love, integrity and compassion.

null"We love the ease that our children are on one campus interacting with students of all ages, including cousins, family friends, and even children of our former classmates," said Saint Albert parents and '96 alumni Jordan and Steve Turner. "Saint Albert School is a family atmosphere that challenges our children in the classroom while learning more about faith, even at a young age."

How to Learn More

Want to learn more about the cradle to college academic experience at Saint Albert Catholic School? Visit or call 712-323-3703 to schedule your campus visit today and discover the Catholic School difference! 

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