Eucharistic Reflection: Adoration leaves you spiritually uplifted

by Diocese of Des Moines | November 9, 2021

Adoration in Albia, Iowa

By Tony Humeston

My buddy, Tony Murphy, first mentioned the idea of one-hour adoration of the Blessed Sacrament in Monroe County.

It has become a monthly event at St. Patrick Church in Melrose for the last 12 years.

My wife and I have been blessed to attend most of these monthly gatherings. When we enter the church and kneel in the Presence of Jesus, his Body, Blood, soul, and divinity, my emotional response has always been awe and wonder.

To say this hour of adoration is spiritually uplifting is an understatement. The hour passes too quickly; I have never been bored; no two hours are the same.

Adoration becomes addictive.

Many of our fellow adorers have been with us since we started. The hour soon becomes an important part of our religious life. You will be amazed at the spiritual uplifting this hour will give you.

It is not difficult to implement the practice of adoration in a parish.  All it takes is desire and some willing participants. Two or three people can get the ball rolling.  

Try it.

You will be astounded at how easy it is to get started. After all, the Holy Spirit will guide you. This is a perfect project for an Altar and Rosary group or the local chapter of the Knights of Columbus.

Any questions? Ask Barry at or Tony.

Tony Humeston is a cradle Catholic, graduate of St. Ambrose University and retired businessman. He’s a parishioner of St. Mary Parish in Albia.

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