Guest Column: Don't forget your home on the Hill

by Diocese of Des Moines | July 5, 2019

Gracie Springman

Today is the day most of us have been waiting for since the first day of senior year. It almost seems unreal that our high school years have come to a close. Many lessons have been learned from both successes and failures that we have experienced with our time at St. Albert. It is hard to think that this graduating class of 2019 will be facing new triumphs and struggles in the months to come.

To this point in our lives, it is important to look back and express gratitude towards the people that paved the path to where we are now. All of our successes and accomplishments could not have been made possible without the people around us. I would like to thank our parents, teachers, grandparents, and guardians for the sacrifice you have made for each one of us. I would also like to thank the graduating class for a great four years of high school. Thank you for the life long memories that I can also look back on. Lastly, I would like to thank my parents for shaping me to be the person I am today and for always pushing me to strive for greatness.

As we officially finish high school today, I can’t help but reflect on all the experiences and memories that St. Albert has given me. Growing up with the same people around me as given me a family outside of my own. We endured an elementary school with no air conditioning, sat in a library without real walls, were  told many times to tuck in our white collared shirts, took multiple trips to Des Moines, played in countless PAL volleyball and basketball games, danced on the gym floor for homecoming, and cherished our last four years in high school together. Although our time at St. Albert is coming to an end, I know I will always have this community to come home to.

So as we go our separate ways, always remember the family that was created throughout these past years and the experiences that formed us to be who we are today.

Never forget your home on the Hill.
Diocese of Des Moines

The Diocese of Des Moines, created in 1911, serves people over a 12,446 square mile area in the southwestern quadrant of Iowa, including 23 counties.