Let's Get Psyched! In the Midst of Chaos, There are Glimpses of Heaven

by Randy Kiel | August 3, 2018

Heaven is hidden amongst chaos

“But Randy, I don’t know where to begin telling you my story.”  

“Just start in the middle,” I answer. “Start exactly where you are today.” 

This is the perspective with which we are most familiar, the perspective of today.  From this point, together, we can put order to the past and prepare for the future. 

Many times, we have heard it said, that perspective is reality. When I hear this spoken, I cringe.  It is most often a feeble attempt to reconcile a certain position regarding a conflict. If reality is simply one’s perspective, we should expect to be in continual relational chaos and domestic upheaval.  Reality is always larger than a single perspective. 

Perspective can be defined as one’s personal view based upon a limited amount of information gathered from a lifetime of personal experiences and dreams envisioned for the future. 

We are always limited within our own minds; therefore, we need the additional perspectives of many others or we will inevitably become narrow minded and see all life as chaos.

Nobody really likes chaos. 

There are many writings on scientific theories indicating that order is present within all chaos. Whether it is a dripping kitchen faucet, a blowing winter blizzard, or stressful marital conflict, somehow there is an order to what is happening.

At times we have all said, “Would someone please help me find the order within my chaos?”

This too was my own pleading request last month as we prepared for our daughter’s wedding, yet out of this chaos it all fell together.

Order did not arrive simply due to happenstance, but because the chaos was put into order. My wife, Cheryl, and I were in utter chaos until 2:57p.m. for the 3 p.m. wedding.

Fortunate for us, many friends and relatives stepped in to create magical décor, set beautiful tables, and calm tensions on this chaotic day.  These were truly acts of mercy. Mercy can be seen as the willingness to enter into the chaos of another.

Isn’t that beautiful? 

Can you hear Jesus in that definition?

It is important to recognize that our view of life is always a limited perspective.

When the prophecies were foretold of a coming Savior and we were excited, our view was limited.

When the new King was crucified, and we thought his body was stolen, we were scared and grieved, but our view was limited.

When he ascended to the Father and we felt abandoned, our view was limited.

When we feel hopeless, overwhelmed, and in chaos, our view is always limited.

What we have been able to see throughout our Christian history is that God puts everything in order. Through the eyes of the Father, life is never in a state of choas. Life was not even in chaos while he was creating it. He sees life in all of its entirety. Isn’t that good news?

As Catholics, we can deeply appreciate God’s design in life through order. God’s order in the chaos of life is, in itself, holy. From the Ten Commandments, to the order of the Mass, and to the sacraments of holy matrimony and holy orders, God offers us glimpses into heaven.

Heaven is the rest of the story for all of us. In recognizing that heaven is the future of our story, may we pray that we see Christ enter with his mercy and bring his order into the midst of our daily chaos.  




Randy Kiel

Randy Kiel is the founder of Kardia Counseling and is a deacon serving at Holy Trinity Catholic Church in Des Moines, Iowa. To connect with Deacon Randy, email randy@kardiacounseling.com.