News: Annual Diocesan Appeal Begins

February 18, 2021

Kelly and Dan Maxcy

Dan Maxcy feels God calling him to serve people as a deacon.

He and his wife, Kelly, are in the diaconate formation program, which is financially supported by the Annual Diocesan Appeal.

Deacons serve the Diocese of Des Moines in a variety of ways, said Deacon RonDan and Kelly Maxcy Myers, who is co-director of the diaconate formation program with his wife, Tammy.

“The ministry of the diaconate is three-fold:  word, sacrament and charity,” said Deacon Myers, who also serves Sacred Heart Parish in West Des Moines. “These ministries can commonly be seen through assisting at the altar, proclaiming the Gospel, preaching, performing baptisms, witnessing marriages, and presiding at wakes and funerals.”

During formation, each candidate also develops a ministry that focuses on a work of charity. 

The work of the diaconate - ordained deacons and their wives, if married - strengthens the overall mission of the Church.

“Sharing Scripture, building up the faithful through evangelization and reaching out to those most vulnerable in the world” are part of the mission, Deacon Myers said. “The diaconate community is the increasing army of the Lord, continually touching more lives, reaching more hearts, saving more souls.”

The critically important formation is funded through the Annual Diocesan Appeal.

“The formation process involves formal seminary education and pastoral studies,” Deacon Myers said. “The expense of four and one-half years of college level study and formation activities would be beyond the reach of most men and/or couples discerning the call to serve the people of the diocese.  The monetary and prayerful support of fellow Catholics is essential to encouraging someone to respond positively to the call and successfully move through the journey to ordination and a life of service to the people of the Diocese.”

The Maxcys are going through diaconate formation.

The couple appreciates the support of their formation team, a group of deacons and their wives who guide them from the very beginning through the process, Kelly said.

They also appreciate the monetary support of the faithful.

“We’re so lucky in Des Moines that the support we get from the ADA gives us the capability to go to formation not only here in town, but formation in seminary, so we can take the knowledge, pastoral learning, and bring that back to the people,” Dan said.