News: Diocese launches strategic planning process for St. Albert School

September 5, 2018

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Springing from a long-term strategic planning initiative for the Catholic schools in the Diocese of Des Moines, Bishop Richard Pates is launching a secondary strategic planning effort specifically for St. Albert Catholic School system.

Nationally known Meitler Consulting will lead the process involving representatives of parents, educators, parishes and the community at large.

“I am pleased with the work and results we’ve seen thus far with the diocesan strategic planning initiative,” said Bishop Pates. “We want to capitalize on the energy and vision we’re experiencing by asking the consultants to take a special look at the St. Albert Catholic School System.

“We’re proud of the long tradition and history, of the dedication and sacrifices made to provide Catholic education in the Council Bluffs region,” added the bishop. “We want to invest the time and resources to support the school and ensure that St. Albert continues to provide a top-notch education in a faith-filled environment for generations to come.”

A steering committee will be appointed by Bishop Pates this month. The committee will work with Meitler Consulting over the next 9-10 months to develop the strategic plan, which is anticipated in April or May. Following the development of the plan, an implementation process will be developed with goals and accountability measures built in.

The strategic planning committee will focus on the school’s mission and Catholic identity, governance and leadership, academic excellence and financial operations.

 “As we are looking at a long-term vision for making the best Catholic schools system diocese-wide, it seems the perfect time to focus in a particular way on the Council Bluffs region, where we have a unique cradle-to-college opportunity for families,” said Dr. Tracy Bonday, diocesan schools superintendent.

An initial Meitler assessment indicated a need to go back to a president/principal model of leadership. The search process for a new president of the school system will begin shortly.

The Council Bluffs Area Board of Catholic Education and the St. Albert Educational Foundation will have opportunities for input during the strategic planning process.

David Schweitzer, head of St. Albert Catholic School, said, “We welcome the diocese’s offer of professional assistance to guide us in dreaming of the possibilities, setting goals for St. Albert School and helping us create a plan to achieve them.”