News: New Leadership Model at St. Albert Schools

December 19, 2018

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A team of Catholic educators at Saint Albert Catholic Schools in Council Bluffs shared with the school board and parents on Tuesday, Jan. 18 a plan that is forming to breathe new life into the schools and set it on course as the best choice for an education in the Council Bluffs area.

Under the guidance of the Diocese of Des Moines and Meitler Consultants, a strategic planning process has produced a new organizational structure that promotes new thinking, improved student, faculty and alumni engagement, and fosters financial viability. 

The research, surveys and conversations that have taken place over the past months have identified critical areas of focus that will be led at an advanced level. These include roles in Academics, Campus Life, and Marketing/Alumni Relations. These areas of focus further filter into specialties such as Curriculum, Technology, Mission & Ministry, Fine and Performing Arts, Athletics, and STREAM (Science, Technology, Religion, Engineering, Art & Mathematics).

The Director of Academics will be charged with the scope and sequence of the entire educational program, providing a cohesive strategy and vision for the intellectual well-being of every student in every grade from the beginning of their Saint Albert career to their post-secondary education.

The Director of Mission and Campus Life will lead the creation of a social and emotional environment that cultivates and maintains high standards for student behavior, learning, attendance, safety, faith formation and Catholic identity.

The Advancement Team will foster long-term alumni relationships, create and promote the St. Albert brand, and ensure that a consistent message of the benefits of student, family, faculty and administrative life at Saint Albert is communicated to the community.

The head of the school will be remade into the position of Executive Director.  This is exciting and critical to putting the school on a visionary path toward the future. The Executive Director will have an unrivaled passion for Saint Albert, will possess a deep understanding of the needs and operations of the school, and most importantly, will focus on creating a culture of philanthropy and advancement for Saint Albert.

A new structure will support innovative programming while also securing the funding necessary to achieve success.  Most importantly, the new structure promotes teacher and staff leadership teams to partner with the school administration where teachers will have direct responsibility for planning and directing school programs.

The goal will be to hire the Executive Director, Director of Academics, and Director of Mission and Campus Life for the 2019-2020 academic year.

All questions can be directed diocesan Schools Superintendent Dr. Tracy Bonday at