News: Voice of the Hawkeyes makes faith a priority

June 17, 2021

Gary Dolphin

 By Kelly Mescher Collins

Sports commentator and devout Catholic Gary Dolphin, voice of the Iowa Hawkeyes, gave the keynote address at the Iowa Catholic Men’s Conference on Saturday, May 22 at the Embassy Suites in downtown Des Moines.

“I love the beliefs and the teachings of the Catholic Church and my day starts with daily Mass – everyday,” Dolphin said.

Born and raised in the small town of Cascade in eastern Iowa, Dolphin had a rude awakening to the harsh realities of life at just age 14 age when his dad suddenly passed away.

The oldest of seven kids, Dolphin suddenly found himself the “man” of the house.

“I had some questions for God,” Dolphin said.

He vividly remembers answer the door the next day and representatives from Catholic Charities were standing on his doorstep with bags full of food and clothing.

“That left a lifelong impression on me,” Dolphin said. “That’s why I am always willing to volunteer, schedule permitting.”

He also never misses sending in his annual donation to Catholic Charities, knowing firsthand the good they do.

During his keynote, Dolphin talked about the Iowa Hawkeyes and shared personal anecdotes from his years of sports commentary.

He also talked about the value and importance of good character.

“Be a Christian for your family and your neighbors,” he said. “And remember, it’s how you treat people. I’m big on treating people the way they should be treated – with respect and dignity.”

Tim Jameson, a member of St. Francis Parish in West Des Moines, was also a presenter, who encouraged men to lead a holy life focused on prayer and not afraid to be a witness for Jesus and his church.