News: Dispensation ends, Welcome to Mass

July 12, 2021

Sacred Heart Church in Chariton

In an unprecedented move prompted by the pandemic, a dispensation was granted from the Sunday and holy day obligation last year. The dispensation ends and the Sunday and holy day obligation will be reinstated July 25.

"It was a profoundly sobering decision to suspend public Masses and the Sunday obligation over a year ago, and throughout this pandemic I know we have all longed for a more ordinary rhythm in our life of faith and communal worship," wrote Bishop William Joensen to the faithful last month. 

"Reinstating the Sunday bligation is an encouraging step forward; it is being taken in response to a much improved public health situation, and the widespread accessiblity of effective vaccines against COVID-19," he wrote.

There will always be cases where individuals are excused or dispensed for serious reasons (see the Catechism of the Catholic Church number 2181). 

To read the letter from Bishop Joensen and for more information on the coronavirus in the Diocese of Des Moines, follow this link.