Young Catholic Network learning from industry veterans

October 14, 2021

Steve Lacy

It’s possible to have a successful career and still do good.

Retired Meredith Corp. chair and CEO Steve Lacy shared this and more before a crowd of 60 young Catholic professionals who gather every other month to network and learn how to live their faith in the workforce.  

One key to becoming successful is bringing in business.

“The thing that many of us miss is the successful person in most organizations is the person who has the ability to evangelize what the company or organization does and sell it to other people,” he said. This applies to those in law, business and even education.

“Are you passionate? Can you share it with your friends in a really enthusiastic way? That is selling. Selling is not evil,” he said. Even in the nonprofit arena, one raises money by sharing enthusiasm of the services offered to those who could support the endeavor.

Another key is how you relate to others.

“Remembering you can, in fact, take care of your employees while still making a lot of money for the company is also a very important and not difficult thing to do with a Christian mindset,” he said.

Attendees volunteered some examples they already witness. One company allowed their employees to go to Ash Wednesday Mass. Another allows their employees paid time off to volunteer, which keeps employees happy and is a draw for recruiting new workers.

The idea can be even simpler, Lacy said.

“Acknowledge the people nobody else acknowledges,” he said. “The nighttime cleaning person. Do you know that person’s name?”

A third suggestion is to evaluate how you spend your time, “especially when you’re raising kids. You have no time. You’ve got to pick your shots really carefully,” Lacy said. When he could, he’d schedule meetings for other times of the day so not only he but others could be available for soccer games and other family activities.

“You should always be able to hold your head high and feel that you not only did good for the business but you did good as well,” Lacy said. “They are not mutually exclusive.”

The next Young Catholic Network gathering is Nov. 9 at the Catholic Pastoral Center in Des Moines with networking, drinks and appetizers at 6 p.m. and Dan Kinsella, the featured speaker, beginning at 7 p.m. Kinsella deals with risk every day as a managing partner at Deloitte. There’s risk when it comes to sharing your faith in the workplace. What’s the reward? How can prayer help avoid the pitfalls? Register at