Deacon Mike Mahoney

Theology IV
Pontifical North American College, Rome, Italy
St. Francis of Assisi, West Des Moines

There comes a time in life when one feels a calling to do something. For me, the calling came to me my sophomore year of high school at Dowling Catholic High School.  However, it would take me a while to fully accept that call.

During my sophomore year at Dowling, I had the opportunity to go to National Catholic Youth Conference, or NCYC. During that time we had Adoration and I remember having this thought in my head, "Mike, you are called to be a priest." I ended up putting that thought aside, and decided not to act on it at that time. Upon Graduation from Dowling in 2012, I attended Saint John's University (MN) and earned my degree in education.  Following graduation from Saint John's, I went to California pursuing a graduate program, while teaching middle school. Thinking this path was my life career. However, God showed me in various ways that I was possibly running away from my true calling as a priest. I moved back to the Des Moines area to discern what I feel is my true calling.

When I think about the potential of being a priest, I get excited about all of the different aspects that it has to offer.  Being able to talk about our Savior, Jesus Christ at all times and being able to walk with others on their faith journey truly energizes me. I am one who has always been service driven and feel that the priesthood will allow me to share my gifts. 

Thank you to all who are praying for seminarians. We truly appreciate the prayers and they are working in may wonderful ways. God bless!