Radix is a three-day weekend retreat for high school seniors to step out of the hectic nature of their last semester for a relaxing and prayerful experience that prepares them to be more fully rooted in Christ as they go forth from the lives they've come to know so well.

2019 Radix Dates

March 1-3

April 5-7

All Radix retreats begin at 5pm on Friday and end at 5pm on Sunday.


Here's what 2018 attendees had to say:

"I loved it. A great time to relax, reflect, and renew my faith with great people."

"I would suggest going on Radix to anyone. It was a great experience for me to learn more about myself and what I was rooted in before making big decisions for what is to come next in my life. It was a really good reminder going into college on how to stay rooted in the good things. I really enjoyed my experience on Radix."

"Radix was the best retreat experience I have had. It was the perfect mix of learning and growing in my faith, as well as having free time to meet the other retreatants and the team leaders."

"Radix provides a reprieve from the hectic schedule of being a senior and allows for re-focusing on what's important and where you want to be headed."

"As I came from a public school, I didn't know much about my faith, not even knowing how to read the Bible. But the team leaders and my fellow retreatants were there to help me learn and grow. Go to Radix it will change you tremendously and it's a great thing."

"I wasn't really sure that I wanted to go on Radix, but the weekend far exceeded my expectations and helped me grow in my faith in ways that I hadn't even considered before. I would definitely recommend going."