Diocesan Policy & Allegation Review

Diocesan Code of Conduct

Personnel of the Diocese of Des Moines uphold Christian values and conduct. They also know that
God’s goodness and graces support them in their work. In following the Gospel, they are to act properly
at all times. The conduct of personnel, both public and private, has the potential to inspire and motivate
people, or scandalize and jeopardize their faith.

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Policy Regarding Sexual Abuse of a Minor by a Member of the Clergy

In December 2002, the diocese implemented an updated policy regarding the sexual abuse of a minor by a Catholic clergy member. Under that policy, it was decided that civil authorities will be notified of any allegations of the sexual abuse of a minor. Pending an investigation, any cleric guilty of such an act will be permanently removed from ministry.

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Allegation Review Committee & Process

An Allegation Review Committee has been appointed to review allegations of abuse of minors by priests or deacons in the diocese and to make recommendations to the bishop on whether sexual abuse has occurred. If so, the case will be referred to the Vatican and the bishop will be advised if the case should proceed here or at the Vatican.

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