Online giving options for the Ignite! Campaign include:

  1. Custom Pledge - please enter your intended pledge in the "Amount" field and select your preferred timeline of payment.
    Example: If you'd like to give $50/month over three years - enter $1,800 in the "Amount" Field, "monthly" for the pledge payment, and "36" for the pledge duration. The system should preview your monthly payment of $50.
  2. Custom One-Time Gift - please enter your gift in the "Amount" field and enter the subsequent payment information.

Don't see the preferred timeline for your online pledge or have additional questions?  Please call the Stewardship Office at (515) 237-5083 for secure assistance over the phone.

 *The Diocese incurs a 2.598% credit card fee for each transaction. Consider a gift by direct debit to maximize your charitable gift!