Prayer Resources for People with Disabilities

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A Caregivers Prayer

Autistic Devotions, Words to Lead us to the Love of God

Autistic Works of Mercy, A Devotion for All Neurotypes

Beatitudes for People with Special Needs

Blessing for Assistive Aids for Persons with Disabilities

Litany for Wholeness

Little Book of Caregiver Prayers 

      You can contact them for free copies.

Liturgical Prayers in American Sign Language

Prayer for Awareness (inclusion awareness)

  Printable copy of Prayer for Awareness cards four per page

Prayer for Inclusion

Prayer of the Caregiver

Prayers for Persons with Disabilities from Catholic Household Blessings and Prayers

Prayers of Intercession for Caregivers (2021)

Prayers of the Faithful for Mental Illness

Prayers of Faithful for Autism Awareness Month (April)

Prayers of Faithful Suicide Awareness Month (September)

Prayers to Foster Belonging

Prayer of healing for Disabled through Intercession of St. Giles

  More information about St. Gile and his patron day of September 1.

Prayers for those afflicted with mental illness

Prayers for when you Feel Anxious--coloring pages

Prayer to St. Dymphna

Prayers for Veterans and Active Duty Military Personnel before/after deployment

(provided by the Archdiocese of Washington, DC)

Saint Dymphna and Saint John of God Prayer cards

  Can order prayer cards from here.

Saint John of God, Prayer for those who have a mental illness.

(Saint John of God, Patron for those with a mental illness.)

Sensory Stations of the Cross

We are One Flock