Diocese of Des Moines Human Resources

Human Resources, led by Eileen Valdez, assists the diocese, parishes and schools with employee benefits, compensation, employee relations and resources. We are committed to the protection of children of the diocese and carry out this mission by overseeing the background screening process for new hires and providing procedures to assure that all employees and volunteers are adequately trained in the diocese's safe environment program.

HR Information 

Personnel Policies & Procedures Manual

Personnel Policies & Procedures Manual Acknowledgement Form

Unemployment Zoom Video

Just Practices of Compensation Parts 1-2-3 and appendix.pdf

The following grievance policy cannot be altered in any way. Please contact Eileen Valdez with any questions.

Grievance Policy_Approved February 2023.pdf

Fact Sheets for Federal Laws related to employment.





Just Practices of Compensation Parts 1-2-3 and appendix.pdf

Procedures for posting Parish and School Job openings on the Diocese’s website:

When a parish or school requests a job opening to be posted on the Diocese’s website, please send the request to Eileen Valdez for review.

The position information should be limited to three lines and include a link to the parish or school’s website for more information on the position.  Also include name and number of contact person for any questions.

The location is responsible for notifying the Diocese when a position is filled.