Finance Department

The Finance Department gathers, records, manages, and reconciles all financial information for all diocesan departments, Catholic Charities, and Catholic Tuition Organization. This daily activity culminates into accurate and timely financial reports for each entity, which are relied upon by donors, bankers, other non-profits, the general public, and the entities themselves to make financial decisions.

Should you have any questions or need additional information, please contact the Finance Department by emailing Rosemarie Waskel at or by calling 515-237-5028.

Finance Staff

Bob Larson, Director of Finance (515) 237-5030

Laura Hofstrand, Controller (515) 237-5009  

Rosemarie Waskel, Administrative & Accounting Assistant (515) 237-5028

Prem Pokhrel, Payroll and Accounting Clerk (515) 237-5012

Cheryl Wilson, Accounting Clerk (515) 237-5063

Lisa TriplettAccountant (515) 237-5023

Jane GaffneyInternal Controls Specialist (515) 237-5087