The Finance Department gathers, records, manages, and reconciles all financial information for all diocesan departments, Catholic Charities, and Catholic Tuition Organization. This daily activity culminates into accurate and timely financial reports for each entity, which are relied upon by donors, bankers, other non-profits, the general public, and the entities themselves to make financial decisions.

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Annual Financial Report

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Dear Pastors and Parish/School Finance Staff,

Every year, all parishes and schools are required by the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops to complete and submit an Annual Financial Report (AFR) to the Bishop.

“The revised Code of Canon Law, effective November 27, 1983, addresses extensively the responsibilities of bishops as administrators of the Church's temporal goods. Canon 1284 states that all administrators are to perform their duties with the diligence of a "good householder." The bishop can delegate the authority but not the responsibility. He has the duty to ensure that no abuses exist in the administration of church goods within the diocese.” – USCCB Diocesan Internal Controls: A Framework.

The Diocese of Des Moines AFR is a questionnaire surveying the parishes/schools about their internal controls, financials, and other policies and procedures. This survey is sent out to all parishes and schools in the summer by the Diocesan Finance Department. Parish/School finance staff should present fiscal year-end financial information and the Annual Financial Report to the pastor/principal, Finance Councils and submit the completed AFR to the Diocesan Finance Department by September 30th. This information is shared with the Bishop and the Diocesan Finance Council.


Bob Larson, Chief Administrative and Financial Officer