Business Office Forums

Business Office Forums are informational meetings held three times annually by the Diocesan Finance Department and are intended for parish and school office staff. The meetings cover a variety of topics, including accounting procedures, technology, employee benefits, risk management, insurance, and general best practices. 

Materials from the June 2024 Business Office Forum 

CMG Connect:  Check out all of the training and resources for Risk Management and Cyber Safety, plus more.  Create a username and password to begin. This site is provided by Catholic Mutual Group for the Diocese of Des Moines.  

Risk Management - Dustin Heino

*Parish Safety & Security Guide *Site Inspections - Emerging Trends

*Preventative Maintenance Checklist *Certificate of Insurance Review

  *Boiler Maintenance Guidelines *Boiler Water Treatment Guide

  *HVAC Equipment Maintenance Guidelines *Contingency Planning for Equipment Failures

Cyber-liability - Greg Miller 

*Cyber-liability renewal application *Response overview from the Tech Survey

Paylocity/Priest Compensation - Laura Hofstrand

*Paylocity Conversion Preparation Guide *Priest Compensation overview

Human Resources - Eileen Valdez

*Christian Brothers 403b Enrollment form