Adolescent Catechesis Resources

In 2010, Bishop Richard Pates released a cover letter to diocesan leadership and a pastoral letter that outlined a "Pastoral Plan: Commitment to Adolescent Catechesis."

Comprehensive themes for adolescent catechesis

Read about the comprehensive themes of "Renewing the Vision" and what assessment and action plans are necessary for the parish community to consider.

High school parish catechetical models

Here are three possible models for adolescent catechesis to consider.

Successful Parish Structures for Adolescent Catechesis

The following are suggested parish structures for adolescent catechesis. Keep in mind this does not include confirmation preparation.

Preparing for the program

A few things you can be doing now to prepare for adolescent catechesis in the fall:

  • Start scouting for adult or young-adult volunteers who will help with the program. They may not be able to help every week but can they provide: food, snacks, help prepare the prayer area, assist with secretary duties, marketing, or be a part of the catechetical team. Coaches many times make great catechists and are a hit with high school kids – perhaps approach her/him and see if she/he might be able to do something for your adolescent program. Ask your shut-ins to pray for the young disciples and the new program that is starting this fall: who knows they may volunteer some help from home
  • Consider putting together a core team of high school students and parents who can help you with planning the look and logistical dynamics of the program
  • This needn’t be a big group: many times the smaller the better
  • If you haven’t done so yet, ask for a school calendar from all the schools who feed into your program
    - look to see what days/months are heavy with activities and which ones are lighter
    - perhaps consider two 5-week sessions or a Saturday Retreat Session for flexibility with their school extra-curricular activities