In the Heartland With Bishop Pates: Immigration: A Moral Crisis

by Bishop Pates | July, 10, 2019

Bishop Pates asks if, by "confronting this existential mess" at the border "with the compassion that deeply resides in all of us" perhaps we can activate our moral compass. "Pope Francis insists that when we show concern for the migrant, those seeking asylum, 'we also show concern for ourselves, for everyone; in taking care of them, we all grow; in listening to them, we also give voice to a part of ourselves that we may keep hidden because it is not well regarded nowadays.'"

Guest Column: Don't forget your home on the Hill

by Diocese of Des Moines | July, 5, 2019

St. Albert Catholic School high school graduate Gracie Springman expresses gratitude for all those who helped her along life's journey.

Guest Column: Pax Christi Commencement Speech from Dowling Catholic

by Diocese of Des Moines | July, 5, 2019

Henry DeAngelis delivered the Pax Christi commencement speech at Dowling Catholic High School's graduation in June.