News: Dr. Deegan named Schools Coordinator

April, 2, 2019

Dr. Jerry Deegan has been named coordinator of a schools strategic plan implementation process that's expected to create long-term stability and foster growth for the Des Moines metro area schools.

Cybercrime follow up

March, 22, 2019

On Dec. 13, 2018, an unknown person or group impersonating a diocesan employee requested that approximately $45,000 be transferred to a third-party financial institution. Fortunately, more than $35,000 of those funds were recovered.

Floods: Bishop asking for prayers, financial assistance for those impacted

March, 22, 2019

During this period of historic flooding in Iowa and Nebraska, including wide portions of the Diocese of Des Moines, Bishop Richard Pates is urging prayer for those impacted and inviting financial assistance for those in serious need.