News: Deacon Dobelmann named executive director of St. Albert Schools

April, 2, 2019

Deacon Vernon Dobelmann has been named the executive director of a newly established leadership model at Saint Albert Catholic Schools in Council Bluffs, effective June 23, 2019.

News: Dr. Deegan named Schools Coordinator

April, 2, 2019

Dr. Jerry Deegan has been named coordinator of a schools strategic plan implementation process that's expected to create long-term stability and foster growth for the Des Moines metro area schools.

Cybercrime follow up

March, 22, 2019

On Dec. 13, 2018, an unknown person or group impersonating a diocesan employee requested that approximately $45,000 be transferred to a third-party financial institution. Fortunately, more than $35,000 of those funds were recovered.